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iRCM is an industry leader with innovative technology and an expert team. We are a complete Revenue Cycle Management solution that streamlines reimbursements and delivers remarkable results.

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Acquire Quality Talent with Our Professional Staffing Solutions

Our staffing solutions access top-tier talent, ensuring quality care. Trust our expertise to elevate your workforce, streamline operations, and serve your patients exceptionally.
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Professional Staffing Services

Get the Best Talent in Healthcare

Healthcare Professional Staffing Services

Finding professional staffing services can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to handling your management and administration tasks for your healthcare practice. Leaving your healthcare staffing to chance can be costly and can hurt your practice’s bottom line. Fortunately, our professional staffing services can help you meet the needs of your practice quickly and efficiently.
We provide specialized medical staffing services for healthcare practices across the nation, streamlining the process of finding and hiring top-tier talent for your practice. We understand that time is money, so our team of dedicated recruiters works hard to match you with qualified medical professionals quickly and efficiently, ultimately smoothing the process.
Professional Staffing Services by iRCM will provide you with complete revenue cycle management and compliance management using their expertise and skills. Our Custom Staffing Services will help you recruit, hire and onboard the right professionals for your healthcare practice with ease. We have a wide range of healthcare staffing solutions to meet your needs.
Healthcare Professional Staffing Services
Finding Right Talent For You

iRCM Talent Hunting Process

Criteria Confirmation
Our team accurately identify and match the right personnel that is right fit for the job and suit your exact needs
JD Creation
Our experienced team create a detailed job description that clearly defines all the required duties & responsibilities
We employ a multi-channel approach to maximize our talent pool reach by posting required job roles on multiple platforms
We quickly identify the best talent for the position by narrowing search results to the top candidates who fit your criteria.
We conduct interviews with all of our shortlisted candidates to ensure they align with the role and fit your organization's culture
Ads Optimization
We optimize our job postings and advertisements to ensure they reach the right audience, so that you get the best talent on board

Elevate your healthcare team with our professional staffing solutions, driving excellence in patient care.

An Extensive Network of

Comprehensive Practice Staffing Solutions

Dealing with the complexities of the healthcare industry can take up a lot of time and resources. It’s also difficult to find qualified staffing promptly. The healthcare industry is constantly changing, and it’s important to be agile. To overcome these challenges, healthcare organizations need to have a comprehensive strategy in place for staffing and keeping their workforce up-to-date.

At iRCM, we take pride in providing our clients with a diverse network of highly skilled healthcare personnel. Our recruitment process involves the strategic placement of job advertisements on reputable platforms such as Indeed, as well as establishing connections with esteemed communication channel councils.

By partnering with iRCM for your professional staffing needs, you can expect a remarkable increase in patient satisfaction rates, reaching an impressive 100%. Moreover, we strive to reduce administrative errors by a significant margin of 80%, ensuring seamless and efficient operations for your healthcare facility.

Expert Team of Professionals

Why Choose iRCM Inc

iRCM is more than a traditional staffing agency that provides comprehensive staffing solutions for all types of healthcare practices at comparatively low rates than other staffing agencies. Finding the right personnel is a whole other ball game. That’s where iRCM professional staffing services come in – Our team of experienced recruiting professionals who know how to find the cream of the crop.

iRCM understands the needs of its client and only recruits qualified personnel based on experience, skillset, and qualifications. With us, you can rest assured that you are getting not just an employee but someone ready to hit the ground running in this ever-evolving industry. We also provide ongoing support and training for all our recruited staff to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

We’re not just here to fill positions – we’re here to build teams that will knock your socks off. Whether you are searching for permanent or locum tenens, we’ve got you covered. We know healthcare inside and out, and we’re passionate about delivering results that will make a real difference. You can trust iRCM to bring you the top talent that will elevate your organization to new heights.

Why Choose iRCM Inc

Customer Feedback That Makes Us Proud

Don't just take our word for it - see what our happy clients are saying about our personalized medical billing services.

Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira
I stumbled upon iRCM, Inc when searching for a reliable medical billing company in NY, and I couldn't be more pleased with my discovery. Their team's professionalism and dedication to accuracy are truly commendable. They've streamlined our billing processes, saving us time and money, and their personalized approach makes us feel like valued partners. Highly recommend iRCM for any healthcare practice looking for top-notch billing solutions.
Atlantic Endocrinology
Atlantic Endocrinology
Outstanding billing, coding and collection knowledge and expertise. Wholeheartedly recommended!
Leroy Lott
Leroy Lott
This billing company is the best. They provide friendly and fast service. They are very detailed in what they do. They dealt with my insurance company audit with ease as well. I would trust no other to provide my billing services but this company. I highly recommend them.
Uzma Azfar
Uzma Azfar
Hands down great service. We are Relatively new practice and was having difficulty with previous biller. We started recently with IRCM and they take care of everything in a great way. Every question is answered and query is solved before the end of the day and they send clear and detailed reports. Our Representatives is Thomas Black who is great. Highly recommended!
Rm Moquete
Rm Moquete
It have been a pleasure working with Dale. He is very responsible and reliable person. We are very please he his work and personality.
Kimberly Martin
Kimberly Martin
I have worked directly with many representatives of the iRCM team over the last five years with several different medical practices providing diagnostic services. Their professionalism, dedication, communication and efficiency is top tier. They are always available to answer any questions and assist with any issues. It has been great to work together with iRCM and I value their commitment to excellence. Dale Stone and Mark Stuart have assisted me with everything I need for B&L Health Inc.
Foyzul Ahmed
Foyzul Ahmed
Excellent prompt service. Very knowledgeable and dedicated team. One of the best billing companies i have ever worked with. Continuously they demonstrate their unwavering high quality services to help run my business in a very proficient way! Thank you.
Bablu Basak
Bablu Basak
I am trusting IRCM for my Billing. They are excellent in all aspects of Medical Billing.

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