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iRCM is an industry leader with innovative technology and an expert team. We are a complete Revenue Cycle Management solution that streamlines reimbursements and delivers remarkable results.

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Pediatric Billing at Its Peak: 2x Efficiency With Zero Hassle!
Optimize your pediatric revenue cycle to double your earnings seamlessly with our pediatric billing services. Prioritize patients; we manage billing complexities with precision and security.

Pediatric medical billing and coding services

Optimized Billing Procedures for Pediatric Practices

Pediatric billing presents unique challenges that other specialties may not encounter. Take vaccines, for instance. Incorrectly billing or following up on vaccines can result in significant revenue loss. With a single vaccine costing up to $170, precise utilization of the correct NDC number, diagnosis code, and adherence to insurance company submission rules is critical.
Even a few missed vaccine payments can have a substantial negative impact on the practice, potentially resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars over time.
iRCM offers pediatric billing services as your trusted solution, preventing financial losses with our proven expertise. We simplify pediatric billing complexities, allowing practices to focus on patient care while we handle efficient billing procedures.
Our expert team of pediatric coders ensures precise handling of pediatric billing codes and swift claims submissions, allowing pediatricians to focus entirely on patient care. With iRCM, seamless financial transactions become a reality, enabling pediatric practices to thrive without the hassle of managing their billing in-house.

Pediatricians, is your practice among the 80% facing these billing challenges?

Have other concerns? Don't worry, we're just a click away!

Our pediatric billing and coding experts excel in securing your rightful reimbursements. count on precision and expertise for financial success

Why Outsource Your Pediatric Billing to Us?

Experience top-notch pediatric billing solutions by partnering with iRCM. Outsource your billing needs for effortless financial management.

Our contributions to your practice involve:

Customized Precision: Tailored solutions, ensuring precise billing accuracy and personalized pediatric service.

Accelerated Revenue: Swift processing, timely reimbursements, ensuring financial stability for pediatric practices.

Versatile Expertise: Proficiency in pediatric specialties, guaranteeing accurate coding and seamless submissions.

Streamlined Cycles: Enhancing pediatric revenue cycle, streamlining billing significantly Reducing A/R for Efficiency.

Expeditious Growth: Rapid 25% collection increase, fueling financial progress and practice expansion.

Cost Optimization: 40% reduced billing expenses, accurate, budget-friendly solutions for pediatrics.

Secure Data Management: HIPAA-compliant, safeguarding sensitive pediatric patient information with utmost confidentiality.

Seamless Transition: Smooth ICD-10 adaptation, minimizing financial disruption for consistent revenue flow.

Transparent Billing: Clearly outlined charges, fostering trust in pediatric billing practices.

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Connecting with Pediatric Specialists, Nurturing Excellence!

Engage with a network of Pediatric Specialists, where billing excellence meets expertise. Our dedicated pediatrics billing services ensure seamless financial management specific for pediatric practices.
Pediatric Cardiology
Comprehensive billing support for specialized pediatric cardiac care, ensuring financial accuracy and efficiency.
Pediatric Oncology
Expert financial management for pediatric cancer treatments, facilitating seamless billing operations and reimbursements.
Pediatric Neurology
Dedicated billing solutions for pediatric neurological conditions, ensuring precise and efficient financial processing.
Pediatric Endocrinology
Specialized billing services for pediatric endocrine disorders, optimizing financial transactions and reimbursement processes.
Pediatric Gastroenterology
Proficient financial support for pediatric GI treatments, ensuring accurate billing and efficient reimbursement.
Billing expertise for pediatric pulmonary care, enhancing financial stability for specialized respiratory treatments.

Pediatric Billing Excellence: Our Approach, Your Financial Victory!

Experience seamless Pediatric Billing with iRCM’s systematic approach. From patient registrations to swift claims, we ensure your financial victory.

Experience a Decade of Our Pediatric Billing Expertise: Your Satisfaction, Our Promise!

What Sets Us Apart

Pioneering Excellence in Pediatric Billing Solutions.
Expertise Certified by AAPC
Our industry-recognized certification ensures high-quality billing services, meticulous coding, and strict adherence to regulations in pediatric CPT codes.
Decades of Specialized Experience
Years of pediatric billing expertise ensures unmatched proficiency in every transaction for your peace of mind.
Seamless EHR Integration
Integrating seamlessly with electronic health records, our system simplifies billing processes, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.
Budget-Friendly Pricing
We offer competitive rates tailored to your budget, delivering exceptional quality and precision without compromise.
Telehealth Billing Excellence
Proficient in telehealth service billing, we optimize revenue streams for remote consultations, ensuring financial growth.
Round-the-Clock Support
Enjoy 24/7 availability for prompt assistance and issue resolution, ensuring uninterrupted and smooth billing operations.

Customer Feedback That Makes Us Proud

Don't just take our word for it - see what our happy clients are saying about our personalized medical billing services.

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